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The blue world city is a well-planned and well-known society for its better work and honest reputation. The success of the blue world society is just about its fantastic features. The pricing plan of society is also very reasonable and profitable. The blue world society is a golden opportunity for both businessmen and residents the same as capital smart city and park view city that are also being presented by sky marketing for its successful future. The society’s location attracts everyone by its natural and beautiful sceneries. There are many advance and unique features as well as it has many basic facilities.

Visit of Chinese delegates to Blue World City

Recently the chines delegation visited the site of the blue world city. They attended the member’s convention and the ceremonies of brick placing and land digging of the main office and mosques on the site of the Blue World City. They were welcomed by the heart and soul by the Blue Group of Companies. The Chinese delegation consulted to invest in this project and took a guarantee of the trustworthiness of the project. They declare this housing scheme a safe and wonderful chance to become a part of a modern world and to experience a well settled life.


The blue world city islamabad is situated at the superior location in Islamabad. The location of this society is near to all the important landmarks and can be easily accessed from Chakri interchange. The project itself lies on the Chakri Road which is situated close to the CPEC Route.


The society is being developed by the Chinese. The developers are trained and experienced. It is a Pak-china friendship project that will connect the project of CPEC also. The experienced apartment developer from china recently discussed the plan of development and technology with the owner Saad Nazir. They discussed the features and construction for more betterment of the Blue World City. The engineers are using the latest technology and heavy machinery to develop the society.

Blue World City Features:

1.      Mosques:

The society has lots of district and Jamia mosque with latest construction decoration and well settled for prayers. There are 24 hours of warm water for people who will come for the prayer.

2.      Hospitals:

There are many hospitals mentioned in this plan. The hospitals have many rooms including OPTs and trained staff experienced doctors. The clean and neat surroundings of hospitals allow patients feel comfortable while treatment.

3.      Parks and playgrounds:

Entertainment and spending spare time to play outdoor games is a healthy habit and it’s also a special thing in this society that it has many parks and big playgrounds where children can have fun playing desired games and play in parks using the latest swings and benches. There is also maintained tea, BBQ, Ice-cream stalls for refreshment. It is healthy too to play outdoor games instead of playing video games on computer all the day.

4.      Schools and colleges:

There are best schools and colleges planned in the project that will be better than all other educational sectors. The society provides transport that will be helpful for traveling anywhere.

5.      Wide roads and avenues:

The society has wider and carpeted roads and avenues decorated with plants and trees on the sides. The way it is decorated is attractive and looking gorgeous while traveling or approaching any destination.

6.      Water theme park:

The society has first ever the international level water theme park planned it its master plan. There is water surfing, kids playing area, water rides, volcanic waterfalls, and different water rides.

7.      Entertainment club:

There are spa clubs, hot n freshwater pools, safari zoo, 3D cinema and adventure club also. These are the features that are added first time in Pakistan.

8.      Commercial zone:

The society is full of necessary features. There is also a commercial zone with malls of brands and delicious restaurants. The restaurants have their own free home delivery system and apps for online booking and trace order.

9.      Security Protocol:

The society is secure and safe to live because it has secure high boundary wall and gate as well as latest security cameras on every street and main gate. The entrance is a one-way pass system that increases its security.

10.  24 hour Gas, water and electricity:

Gas, water and electricity are very basic aspects of living. Without these facilities a society is nothing. The Blue Group Of Companies has planned these features at the initial start of this project. There are 24 hours supply of gas water and electricity. The underground electricity will be made available and will have 24 hours backup system.

Pricing plan:

The pricing plan for society is reasonable and profitable. The plan is to provide easy way to purchase and resell the plots with a better profit. It offers a balanced pricing plan according to the facilities it provides.

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Why invest in Blue world city:

The name Blue Group of Companies and its owner Mr. Saad Nazir is an icon of trust. Their projects are safe and secure for investment and trustworthy. The features introduced in the society are all basic and necessary for living as well as luxurious. At the given time facilities planed in the society are to give the residents a royal life and a good investment opportunity to the businessmen.

The investors are taking much interest in this society and booking plots rapidly in its development phase. Some are waiting for booking their property for a better start of business. People always think about the features, and pricing plan offered, if both these elements are well balanced then they will show their keen interest. The blue world city is a complete package and has everything to lure investors.