The nice The Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless offers an fit that is improved excellent sound for Bluetooth sports powerbeats 3 t mobile , dependable operation, and strong battery life (12 hours), as a result of Apple’s W1 chip. Pairing is dead-simple for iOS users as well as the headphones also work fine with Android os phones.

The Bad Competing models are only nearly as good or better and cost not so much; maybe not a significant upgrade over Powerbeats2 Wireless.

The Bottom Line The PowerBeats3 Wireless is a step that is decent over its predecessor, but it is no deal in an increasingly crowded market for cordless sports headphones.


Review Parts
CNETAudioHeadphonesPowerbeats3 earphones that are wireless
You do for an encore when you have one of the best-selling wireless earphones in the world, what do?

Well, the safest choice would be to make some small but not insignificant changes — tweak around the edges so to speak — but mainly leave what got you to the top alone. And that’s exactly what Beats has done with the Powerbeats3 Wireless, the iteration that is latest of its uberpopular Bluetooth activities headphone.

At it, the core Powerbeats design has remained intact, and the Powerbeats3 Wireless looks a lot like the Powerbeats2 Wireless — and not surprisingly its list price is the same ($200/£170/AU$260) as you can see from looking. It’s available in black, white, siren red, shock yellow and flash blue. And like the previous model, they will still last to sweat and rain — simply do not expect them to survive a full-on dunking in water.

Enlarge Image
Beats has slightly lengthened the earbud post (the Powerbeats3 Wireless is on right) and changed its angle make it possible for a better fit for more individuals.

Ariel Nunez/CNET
You must look closely to find the design tweaks nonetheless they’re here. First of all, Beats has somewhat modified the design regarding the earbud post, lengthening it a bit and somewhat changing its angle in order to increase the fit for the headphones and allow more and more people to get a seal that is tight.

This brand new model did fit me just a little better, but I still couldn’t get a good seal from a single for the four included eartips, therefore I tried a few I’d lying around off their headphones i have been testing and finding yourself with a foam Comply tip that maximized sound quality. (If Beats had extended the earbud post a couple of more millimeters, one of the provided guidelines most likely would have gotten me that elusive tight seal).

Enlarge Image
The earhook design is among the headphone’s signature design traits and area of the good reason individuals find it appealing.

Sarah Tew/CNET

It is important to get that seal, because should you choose, this might be among the better-sounding Bluetooth activities headphones on the market, with good information, strong bass, and pretty sound that is open. However, if you don’t, it will sound thin and mediocre and you’ll be disappointed, particularly since it costs $200. To be clear: The sound is equivalent to compared to the Powerbeats2 Wireless; Beats hasn’t upgraded the noise, just the fit.

In terms of other modifications, you receive a brand new carrying that is protective (it reminded me of a coin bag), that I liked, therefore the Remote Talk inline remote was redesigned and considerably improved. The remote’s slimmer therefore the buttons are more reaction — you can adjust volume, skip songs forward and right back and answer and end calls.

Top games Mouse Under $100While trying to find the gaming mouse that is best under 100, there are few elements getting regarded since the video gaming markets is continuing to grow in the past number of years making aggressive games to own the best of ideal product to make use of.

budget wireless gaming mouse

Consequently a mouse can make a difference that is big playing a complement. If people purchase a games mouse, they usually put it to use for aggressive gaming and several player likes a gaming mouse that is responsive. While selecting a gaming mouse, you ought to decide between a wired mouse and a mouse that is best budget wireless gaming mouse.


What is the gaming mouse that is best under 100 bucks? That really depends on what type of gaming mouse you need, or specifically, which kind of games you should carry out, and finally but not the smallest amount of exactly numerous bucks you’re willing to pay.


For playing MMO or MOBA video games, you’re probably want to a mouse with a great deal of keys. When you are more keen on RTS or FPS video games, subsequently fundamental mouse with greater DPI Sensor and far much better mouse hold is sufficient.


Never become washed upwards into an excitement of great mouse. The objective because of this is when a mouse detector try purportedly flawless, you aren’t! Consider what detector mouse uses and what sort of switches it is often always good idea, however don’t get a gaming mouse just because people or providers’s advertisement told you that “this mouse try flawless”. Everything with this planet earth has defects.


You can find both pros and cons in each mouse, but you will find very many selections within cost range, which you are able to ensure these mouse alternatives under $100 may satisfy your desires.


Although mouse was at first introduced as a peripheral tool to manage onscreen items and provides greater convenience whenever navigating os’s. The mouse has come a  ways since that time. We’ll speak about video gaming mouse and in addition offers you a few of the ideal gaming rats (or mouse) from the field. A gaming mouse is especially intended for doing offers on PC’s. Even though it are a mouse but video gaming mouse come with plenty of extra services like buttons and handles that you won’t discover on conventional mice.


Games mice have an extremely sensitivity that is strong along with other mouse because of the fine planet of games and also at exactly the same energy they could be especially designed by many makers in terms of including or reducing the duty. Another important characteristic is the fact that the ergonomics from the mouse because they ought to offer comfort that is maximum. The actual fact that you will find games rats which pricing above $200 but this article is focused towards participants that need to find the budget gaming mouse that is best under $100.


Most video gaming mice additionally have these styles where you can adjust these with regard to sleeping places. The primary developments of grips which are popular with players in gaming mice add: The arms clasp, claw grip combined with fingertip hold. We’ll pay attention to our very own ratings on the attributes that are following


Page items [show]



Finest Buy consumers typically choose the products that are following looking for video gaming Mouse Under $100. Look at list that is top-ranked of Mouse Under $100 below coupled with related reviews and remarks.


Ideal video gaming Mouse Under $100While looking for the gaming mouse that is best under 100, you can find few elements become regarded as considering that the games industry is continuing to grow up the past several years making aggressive games to provide the very best of top items to use.


Thus a mouse tends to make a big variation once playing a fit. If people acquire a video gaming mouse, they generally put it to use for aggressive games and many player likes a responsive games mouse. While picking a gaming mouse, you will need to determine between a wired mouse and a best budget wireless gaming mouse.


What’s the gaming mouse that is best under 100 money? That actually depends upon what kind of video gaming mouse you’ll need, or specially, what sort of video games you want to perform, and finally  not the least exactly bucks that are many ready to spend.


For playing MMO or MOBA video games, you’re possibly want to a mouse with a deal that is great of. If you are more partial to RTS or FPS games, subsequently fundamental mouse with greater DPI Sensor and much best mouse clasp is enough.


Never become cleaned upwards into a buzz of perfect mouse. The reason because of this is that if a mouse sensor was purportedly flawless, you’re not! Considercarefully what sensor mouse utilizes and what type of switches it was always wise decision, however don’t get a gaming mouse even though somebody or organization’s advertising said that “this mouse try flawless”. Every little thing on this planet earth have faults.


You can find both pros and cons in each mouse, however there are very choices that are many price range, that you’ll ensure these mouse selection under $100 may satisfy your needs and wants.


Although mouse is at first released as a device that is peripheral get a grip on onscreen things and offers higher convenience whenever navigating operating systems. The mouse has come a real ways since that time. We’ll communicate about video gaming mouse and also offers you a number of the gaming mice that are best (or mouse) from the field. A gaming mouse is especially made for winning contests on PC’s. Also although it was a mouse but gaming mouse have plenty of higher features like keys and handles you won’t select on mainstream mice.


Games mice have a really stronger susceptibility compared along with other mouse as a result of the fine environment of games as well as the exact same times they could be custom-built by many people firms with respect to adding or decreasing the duty. Another crucial trait is that the ergonomics with the mouse given that they ought to promote greatest comfort. Even though there are gaming mice which cost above $200 but this informative guide is concentrated towards people that want to get the budget gaming mouse that is best under $100.


Numerous games mice furthermore incorporate these designs where you can set them with regard to resting spots. The main developments of grips which are favored by users in games mice incorporate: The palms clasp, claw hold in addition to the fingertip hold. We’ll pay attention to our very own reviews regarding the attributes that are following


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Best purchase people usually choose the appropriate goods once on the lookout for video gaming Mouse Under $100. Browse the list that is top-ranked of Mouse Under $100 below coupled with related evaluations and remarks.


Fundamentally, a domain name was a human-friendly option to connect user’s browsers to your internet site host related to that website name. To find out more, discover the tips guide about what is actually a domain identity and just how would domains perform.

steps to host a website

How names that are domain


You can aquire a website name from one of those best site registrars. These are typically providers accredited to market domain registrations.


To know the connection between steps to host a website and domains, read our guidelines on the difference in online hosting and website title.


Note: afterwards in this article, we will explain to you the way to get a domain name 100% free.


But first, let’s have a look at different sorts of hosting projects and evaluate which one would be the fit that is right host your website.


Types of Website Hosting Service

Not all the web pages are the same. Most are small and then have traffic that is low rest are large with more content and tourist.


An inferior web site needs less means. Having said that, a larger and more preferred website will need more methods to run effortlessly.


Website hosting businesses create various kinds of web hosting supplies designed to address specific internet site requires. Below are a few of the very most hosting that is common.


  1. Shared Hosting


a shared hosting service would work for tiny website, blogs, and businesses that are small are merely starting.


They could hold their own expenses down by allowing multiple website to generally share the server that is same. This is why holding your website inexpensive.


Pricing: beginning from 2.75 per period to $7.99 per month


Suited to: Starting a unique site, small company website


All of our recommended hosting that is shared provider: Bluehost


For more information read our manual throughout the truth about better shared web hosting.


  1. VPS Hosting


VPS internet hosting (Virtual Private Server internet hosting) remains a shared hosting environment. Nevertheless, it offers a flexible pair of information to handle huge website traffic spikes.


You can get a partitioned of personal host to suit your website that one can regulate out of your internet hosting control interface. This provides the finest of both worlds, the cost that is low of internet utilizing the flexibility of devoted means.


Cost: begining with $29.99 / period


Suited to: Medium-sized people, preferred blogs, and stores that are eCommerce.


Our very own ideal VPS web hosting company: HostGator


To acquire more information, see all of our post about when you need VPS internet hosting for the webpages.


  1. Managed WordPress Hosting


Managed word press hosting is actually a specialized internet hosting services produced particularly for WordPress. It is similar to a concierge services for the word press websites.


The hosting company takes care of updates, backups, and caching of your website on a managed hosting platform. This enables one to target generating material and developing your company.


Pricing: Starting from $35.00 every month


Suited to: common sites, business web sites, membership web pages


All of our suggested managed WordPress blogs hosting company: WP motor


For more details, discover the post describing whenever will you actually need a was able WordPress internet hosting.


  1. Committed Hosting


A passionate server web hosting offers you the server that is entire to your own internet site. You receive most of the sourced elements of the host, higher level apparatus for host control, power to download your personal program and also their very own functioning system.


Basically, a domain try a human-friendly strategy to hook up user’s browsers to your websites machine connected with that domain name. To learn more, discover our very own guidelines about what was a domain name and how do domains work.

steps to host website

How names that are domain


You can purchase a website name from just one of the domain that is top. These are businesses accredited to offer domain registrations.


To appreciate the relationship between internet steps to host a website and domains, see our very own manual from the distinction between internet web hosting and domain name title.


Note: later on in this specific article, we shall explain to you getting a domain name free of charge.


But first, let’s have a look at various kinds of web hosting methods and consider which one would be the right match to hold your internet site.


Forms of Website Hosting Solutions

Not all the web pages are identical. Some are modest and have now traffic that is low rest become large with more content and site visitors.


A smaller sized internet site need less info. Having said that, a larger and more popular website will need considerably tools to run effectively.


Internet hosting businesses offer several types of hosting supplies designed to address specific needs that are website. Listed below are some quite hosting that is common.


  1. Hosting That Is Shared


a shared enviroment solution is suitable for tiny websites, blog sites, and businesses that were small are only getting started.


They are able to keep their outlay down by allowing multiple websites to talk about the server that is same. This is why hosting your internet site affordable.


Prices: beginning from 2.75 per to $7.99 per thirty days month


Suited to: Starting a fresh website, small company website


Our very own recommended hosting that is shared provider: Bluehost


For more information read our very own manual from the fact about best web hosting services shared.


  1. VPS Hosting


VPS web hosting (Virtual Private machine hosting) remains a shared hosting ecosystem. Nevertheless, it offers a flexible set of sources to undertake large visitors spikes.


A partitioned is got by you of private servers for your website that you can manage from the web hosting panel. This provides you the best of both planets, the inexpensive of shared internet making use of the versatility of committed means.


Pricing: beginning from $29.99 / period


Suited to: mid-sized people, popular blogs, and stores that are eCommerce.


All of our recommended VPS web hosting company: HostGator


For more information, discover the post about when you require VPS hosting to suit your site.


  1. WordPress that is managed Hosting


Managed WordPress internet is a specialized hosting solution produced designed for WordPress. It is similar to a concierge provider for the word press website.


The hosting company takes care of updates, backups, and caching of your website on a managed hosting platform. This permits you to definitely pay attention to generating material and raising your business.


Pricing: beginning $35.00 per month


Suited to: trendy sites, company web sites, account sites


Our very own suggested managed WordPress blogs webhost: WP system


For lots more info, see the post outlining when would you want a maintained WordPress internet.


  1. Hardworking Hosting


A separate server internet hosting gives you the server that is entire to your own website. You will get all of the resources of the servers, higher level equipment for machine management, power to install your personal software and also their operating that is own program.


I experienced organized my websites with GoDaddy since 2007 along with become pretty satisfied with all of them. But, just last year we realized that a lot of records had vanished from my internet windows hosting uk without description, creating my websites are broken.


That they had now discontinued their online help and that you had to phone them up off I went, to contact GoDaddy support, only to discover. An internet number with no online service?!


I attempted her help Twitter, even so they had been extremely limited as to what they might do. Best informing me on it” and couldn’t tell me how long until the issue would be resolved that they were “working.

Fortunately I’d my own personal copies therefore I managed to restore the most essential records.


Actually since this event, I have noticed the modified times of large numbers of data are not the things they should really be, showing they’ve started revived from backup without my insights. You never know exactly several times this features taken place without me noticing.


The final straw got as I wished to improve the type of PHP to my Windows internet. It actually was restricted to adaptation 5.3 which moved unsupported in 2014!


PHP 5.3 support stopped


Don’t actually become myself started on all of the spam emails they send you…




On the lookout for brand-new web internet hosting

So my GoDaddy web hosting ended up being upwards for restoration and that I decided to turn hosts. The search that is resulting a lot more harder than it should were.


Generally you can look for a particular product/company and come across a large amount of impartial feedback. However with web hosting, it would appear that the majority of review and examine sites only advertise those offers which give the affiliate payouts that are largest.


I actually experimented with appearing on community forums, but isn’t able to find an opinion on the most useful hosting company.


Used to do find a way to pick a review that is few that seemed reasonably honest:


Hosting Realities

That Is Hosting This


Let me know into the responses if you’ll find all other web hosting evaluate sites that you’d endorse.





After normal office hours of researching, and talking their web assistance, we selected Siteground (affiliate website link!).


Siteground web web hosting


My specifications integrated:




A decent number of mail storing

Totally free SSL certificate (Siteground incorporate Let’s Encrypt which they will immediately renew for your family).

Using the internet /email help

UK founded information center.


The administrator part of Siteground are a little bit better to use than GoDaddy and though We haven’t accomplished any recognized assessments, my websites generally seems to load faster than earlier.


I purchased the business plan which involved £39.60 for a year.




Bottom Line

I’ll update this post if We discover any presssing issues with Siteground. Inform me into the remarks if you’re a Siteground customer and what you believe of them, or if there’s an internet hosting company that you’d like to recommend.

Outstanding help and aid: SiteGround offers a rather full degree of buyer worry. Their training and instructions may also be quality that is high.

Complimentary migration: If you find the GrowBig strategy or more, they’re going to migrate your internet site (once) for free.

Machine area: whenever you opened your account with SiteGround, you can choose from hosts in the us, Asia and European countries.

Advanced features: SiteGround includes functions that numerous other hosting service providers don’t have. Including, staging, own caching or Git repositories. Or cost-free integrations with CloudFlare or Let’sEnrcypt (SSL).

Unlimited site visitors: they don’t calculate the website’s traffic.

Collaborators: With SiteGround you’ll be able to produce users that are additional use of various internet sites you regulate.


Running, Triathlon Pro, Rando

Multisports & Triathlon: ultra-complete and light
NEW MAY 2019:identical to the Fenix ​​6 Pro in terms of functions, this watch is ultra-light (50 g), fine, with great autonomy (ideal for ultra-marathon, ultra-trail, Ironman). Significantly improved version of the Forerunner 935, it notably includes preloaded topos cards, Garmin Pay (payment), an mp3 player, a popular route and route generator (bicycle, running). Designed specifically for running and triathlon but also hiking, it offers, with the optional accessory, advanced analysis functions (running dynamics, oscillation and vertical ratios, contact time on the ground, stride length , cadence …), physiological measurements (VO2max, lactic threshold, respiration rate), training programs, a predictor of race time and many other analyzes to optimize training. Multisport, it is suitable for other sports. It is perfect for running, cycling, swimming, hiking or triathlon.
best watches under 200
the replacement, in much better, for the excellent Forerunner 935: probably the best triathlon, running, cycling watch with the Fenix ​​6
The most: light, ultra-complete (difficult to do better), color mapping, Garmin Pay, mp3 player, +++ autonomy, course generator (cycling, walking, running), 41,000 golf courses, color screen, GPS / GLONASS / Galileo , Wrist wrist, barometer, altimeter, compass, activity tracking, numerous monitoring and analysis functions, 5 ATM water resistance.
Read our detailed review and opinion on the Forerunner 945

The simplest running watch

NEW MAY 2019, this best watches under 200 GPS connected watch is a repeat of the Forerunner 35 but with more features. Ultrasimple to use and ultralight (32 g) and fine (11.4 mm), it is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes or those with only a small budget. The main one is: GPS (GLONASS & Galileo included), wrist cardio, color screen 208 x 208 px, course recording, VO2max measurement (physical fitness), voice coaching, activity tracker (number of steps, distance, analysis sleep, calories burned, stress tracking and more), Smartphone notifications. You can download free training sessions and even plan your running time. It offers an SOS function with sending your position in the event of an incident and the Livetrack function to be followed by your friends. It has a dozen profiles to download (elliptical, outdoor running or treadmill, yoga, cycling, indoor cycling, cardio …). Its autonomy is quite good (7 days in watch mode, 13h in GPS mode).

Ideal for occasional runners looking for a simple and relatively complete watch at a low price.
The most: light, easy to use, low price, color screen, GPS, wrist cardio, Livetrack, support for cadence sensors (running, cycling) and speed (running), good autonomy, 2 sizes wrist, water resistant (50 m).
Read our detailed review and opinion on the Forerunner 45

The choice of a sports watch for running depends above all on your goals (training, weight loss, follow-up, pleasure, etc.) and your budget .
First define the essential functions you want to have (GPS, cardio, etc.). If your pleasure is to run from time to time to relax and listen to music, you could perhaps choose a model with the mp3 function. Or a model offering Smartphone notification if you cannot do without your phone. For running experts, advanced stride analysis and optimization functions will be interesting.
Set your budget and choose the closest model in terms of functionality and price.

watches under 200 best stuff
Do not rely on the design of the watch alone (color screen, touch screen or not, etc.). Beware of the comfort of the watch and the bracelet: multisport models, in particular those intended for hiking, are generally larger and may be less practical for running. On the other hand, the optical pulse measurement models must be tightened on the wrists, which does not please everyone. If your goal is only running, prefer a light model (less than 60 g) and thin. The watch will also be easier to use than a multisport watch. If you practice trail or trekking, opt instead for a hiking watch.
Selection of the best GPS best watches under 200 for running
To help you choose a watch for running, we have selected these few models which we currently think are the best on the market given their characteristics. You will find more products in our cardio watch comparison .
We have chosen not to present the multisport models (with the exception of watches designed for the practice of triathlon) because of their larger and heavier case. You will also find these models in our comparison of GPS cardio watches.
Among the selection of the best current watches, we recommend, according to your budget, the following models:
• Modest budget (<200 €): the complete, simple Garmin Forerunner 45 , perfect for small budgets
• Standard budget (200 to 350 €): the Garmin Forerunner 245 Music , our favorite
• Without any particular budget: the Garmin Forerunner 945 without hesitation or the Garmin Fenix ​​6 if you are looking for a more chic watch to wear on a daily basis (otherwise, on sale, the old Forerunner 935and Garmin Fenix ​​5 Plus models )
The most complete sports watch on the market!
NEW in August 2019: designed for athletes, trailers and lovers of outdoor activities and chic enough to be worn in town, the Fenix ​​6 (9 models, 3 wrist sizes, one version with solar charging) is a high-end ultra-complete watch replacing the Fenix ​​5 More and more chic, more robust and finer. It offers new functions including PacePro (pace management according to the slope profile), record autonomy (120 h 6X Pro model) and intelligent battery management, mapping (including more than 2000 ski slopes) and an optional mp3 player, a payment system, an underwater cardio and a larger screen. It offers a multitude of tools and measures for athletes and explorers (race dynamics, performance analysis, physiological measures). It can generate routes for runners and cyclists, manage climbs or even assess acclimatization to altitude and heat thanks to its pulse oximeter (measures blood oxygenation). Price from € 599 for the standard version (without mapping and mp3 player).

It is the most complete sports watch on the market today. If the budget allows, look no further.
Pros: 3 sizes of case for fine to large wrists, elegant (city & sport), interchangeable strap (leather, metal, nylon, silicone), mp3 player and optional mapping (road, bike paths, ski slopes), 40,000 golf course, real-time monitoring of other athletes (watch or Internet), barometer, pulse oximeter, gyroscope, compass, long range, 10 ATM waterproof, triathlon.

I already have two pairs of earphones and two headphones (and yes I am a geek): a HC 8445 wireless headset and a Philips brand wired basic headset that I use with my central unit. So I don’t need a new headset but to guide you in choosing a headset, I put myself in “research” mode to discover the new products on the market, the sure values, the best quality reports prices, and the best selling sites.

First, you will find the fundamentals for choosing the right helmet, then I will present the results of my research by two comparative tables. This headset comparison was a great opportunity to discover new things and finally fell for the Plantronic Blackbeat Pro headphones! And yes a third headset … For Hi-Fi this one!


What you need to know before buying headphones: variable prices

Before going headlong into the purchase of a headset, we can already ask the question of the type of headset we want (or the budget we want to put).

Indeed, we can classify helmets in four main categories which I will present to you now.


Wired headsets

For this category of devices, the average price found is between € 15 and € 400 (with an exception of … € 1,100).


Wired headsets can be found at an excellent value for money like the Sony MDR-ZX310B.AE headset which benefits from an average of 4.4 / 5 on Amazon on more than 160 reviews, for a price of 23 € delivery included. The main drawback of these helmets is of course the wire. The other drawbacks are that these helmets are not always suitable for an ancillary activity such as jogging (helmets that are too big sometimes) and that on low-end models, there is sometimes a noticeable noise of wire (thumping noise in the helmet when you touch the wire).


Wireless headsets

There is an average price between 35 € and 500 €.


After years of poor or poor sound quality, stereo audio senso bluetooth headphones pairing have made great strides in sound quality. As for wired headsets, you can choose entry-level headphones such as the August EP636 which at only 25 €, has very good customer feedback (4.3 / 5 on 254 Amazon customer reviews) and already great options (hands-free kit, answering calls, 12 hours of autonomy). The limit of these headsets will quickly be seen in terms of range, sound quality and comfort of use (first points criticized by dissatisfied buyers).


The average price found varies between 7 € and 1200 €


In fact, many headphones are also micro, even if they are not visible at first sight. These headsets are mainly intended for the use of communication from your PC (Skype, video games, Hangouts …) or your smartphone. The first prices (less than 15 €) do not inspire confidence and are often poorly rated by users.


By looking a little at the different models on Amazon, I found a model that seems to suit a large number of users for an affordable price of 25 € delivery included. Indeed, this model with a neat design for gamers is the VersionTech EACH G2000 Headset.


An average price noted between 5 € and 300 € (with an exception to… 1500 €).

bluetooth headphones pairing

The earphones are those supplied with the majority of smartphones. They are placed in front of the ear canal unlike in-ear headphones which penetrate the ear canal and offer better sound insulation.


Strangely enough, the prices of good quality wired headphones remain fairly close to the average prices of wireless headphones which benefit from ear cushions allowing better sound insulation and a reduction in external noise. But unlike headsets, there are models that are popular among headphones for prices below € 10. Headphones are therefore available from € 8.95, which satisfy a large number of customers: the Panasonic RP-HJE120E, which are rated 4.1 / 5 on more than 266 customer reviews.


For standard models, there is no big difference in price depending on the type of headphones: wired, microphone, wireless … It’s up to you to choose your headphones according to your use (home use, running , mobile use, in the car ….), the quality of listening you want and the options you want to find.

Know the features and options before choosing a headset

To choose from the helmets on the market, many criteria must be studied.


The use

You will of course have to choose your helmet according to your use. If you want a headset to listen to the sound of the television, it will probably be necessary to eliminate certain non-compatible headsets and if you want a headset to make a jogging, it will be necessary to privilege the light headsets or earphones.


headphones comparison 10


The scope

For wireless headsets, the listening range is very different depending on the technology used (see below). For a senso bluetooth headphones pairing it takes ten meters while for a digital UHF headset the range will be fifty or even a hundred meters. So if you want a long range then choose a digital UHF headset.


The weight

Helmets weigh between 40g and 400g, but on average, the weight is around 200g. A helmet that weighs heavier will be a little uncomfortable if you want daily use or mobility.


On average, wireless headphones have between 6h to 40h of autonomy. If you listen to music daily, or if it already annoys you to regularly charge your smartphone, a significant autonomy will be preferred. Some manufacturers are not of the same opinion on this criterion of choice that is autonomy because they do not mention the duration of autonomy in their ad! Indeed, the criterion of autonomy can be less restrictive if you buy a headset recharging on a base like the Sennheiser RS ​​175 which has 18 hours of autonomy and which recharges when you put it back on its base.



The orders

Several headsets have directly integrated controls such as volume, track change, the ability to pause music and switch to the phone (many headsets do this automatically).


Design and practicality

Storage pockets, foldable earphones, beautiful design with LEDs, water resistance are all positive points not to be overlooked.